THE INCITERS /Rare & Northern soul since 1995/ Buben

Naprostá pecka z Kalifornie USA, skvelý zážitok, takto sa má robiť hudba..!!

We first started back in 1995, and over the next ten years recorded three albums, and toured Europe consistently– creating a huge European following. And then we broke up.
Our bandleader and original band member Rick Kendrick decided to reform the band in 2009. With some old faces and some new ones, The Inciters were back! We wasted no time, releasing a teaser single on Scorcha in Germany and then recorded our comeback album, „Soul Clap,“ on Jump Up Records.
Our music is inspired by Northern Soul, a music and dance movement that originated in northern England in the 1960s. Northern Soul music is hard hitting, gritty, and ultra danceable– with a stronger back beat than it’s Motown and Stax counterparts. The Northern Soul scene was all about finding the most obscure records possible to play for tireless aficionados on the dance floor.
We currently have 10 members wielding drums, bass, guitars, a full horn section, and four female vocalists who rotate between singing leads and singing backups–complete with 60’s era dance moves. We sing original songs as well as traditional soul music.

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